5 Best Free osCommerce Shop Speed Test Tools

Valeriy Rudenko

Studies show that user leaves a site if it hasn’t loaded in 3 seconds. Nobody likes a Slow shop.

Speeding up shop is essential. "The web should be fast" (Google says). Google has incorporated site speed in search rankings.

How fast your shop load on a desktop browser and mobile browser?

Try the following tools to test the time taken to load the web page. They all give you actionable information along with the following to optimize your shop for fast loading.

  • Time is taken to load the page
  • Page size
  • Number of requests made to load the page
  • YSlow score
  • PageSpeed Score
  • Waterfall chart

osCommerce Shop Speed Measurement Tools

5. Dotcom-Tools

Dotcom-tools.com offers an incredibly robust and thorough page speed testing tool. Most other page speed testing tools will only test from one location at a time. But the oscommerce speed test from Dotcom-tools.com checks page speed from 24 locations – including yours (or as close to yours as is possible).

The Dotcol-tools.com oscommerce speed test tool is an excellent choice if you are primarily concerned with analyzing how different users in different geographic regions experience your store.

4. Pingdom

For the most part, Pingdom provides users with a nice mix of options and simplicity.

In its current configuration, Pingdom lets users test their webpage speed from any of four different testing locations. In general, you’re going to want to choose the testing location closest to your store’s geographic user base.

Results are incredibly easy to read, with letter grade breakdown of performance insights that also provide a specific list of issues to address.

The waterfall is also one of the easier to read among webpage speed testing tools, and the data is broken down in a way that makes it easier to dig deeper.

3. Google PageSpeed Insights
Google PageSpeed Insights

If it weren't the official Google tool, PageSpeed Insights might not be on this list. It just doesn’t have all the features that the other tools on our list have. But you definitely want to check on how Google evaluates pages speed if you want to rank highly on their search platform. The authority of the tool eclipses its utility.

2. WebPageTest

WebPageTest is one of the more reliable and trusted website speed testing tools available today.

The results and diagnostics aren’t very user-friendly. But the data is accurate. If you know what you’re doing, WebPageTest can give you a wealth of information to consider.

1. GTMetrix

Among the premier free osCommerce store speed test tools is GTmetrix. This tester is incredibly straightforward. You just put your URL in and hit "Test your site".

PageSpeed and YSlow have slightly different methodologies of analysing a website’s structure and its impact on the speed. The results are graded and the color code indicates the health of the parameter. The parameters are sorted based on the order of impact on the score. They also provide recommendations for making the page faster.

An advantage of this tool is that it analyses your store page combining both PageSpeed and YSlow. The overview of the results shows you the browser and location used for testing, Performance scores (PageSpeed and YSlow), page load time, total page size and number of requests. Similar to Google PageSpeed Insights, the GTmetrix test also suggests solutions to speed up your osCommerce store.